Our production management, implemented with far-sightedness and admirable strictness but without compromising, has always had the health status of fish farms as one of its primary goals.
This goal has largely been pursued in 5 main ways:

  • the purchasing of eggs is guaranteed thanks to carefully selected specialised producers;
  • the strict training of the staff that work at our fish farms;
  • the covering of facilities with nets to limit any contamination by ichthyophagous birds;
  • disinfecting vehicles used for transporting live fish and restrictions on entry for means of transport from other fish farms;
  • adopting systematic vaccination practices, for all new batches of juvenile fish, which has also resulted in the solution to most pathological problems concerning bacteria.

All the above have allowed the S. A. I. S. Group to proudly boast having facilities already recognised by the EU as officially free from viral diseases.

Natural Rainbow Trout or Salmon Trout

Latin name: Oncorhynchus mykiss

Family: Salmonidae

Order: Salmoniformes

English name: Rainbow trout

Morphology:the shape of the body is slender and compressed laterally, with a slightly smaller mouth than the river trout; the colour varies considerably, with a dark brown-green back with small black spots also found on the dorsal fin and the caudal fin; a pinkish line, more or less evident, runs along its sides; grey belly.

Our products: our sizes range from fry to the most popular product in sizes up to or exceeding 2kg, and all the various intermediate sizes.

Alpine Char

Latin name: Salvelinus alpinus

Family: Salmonidae

Order: Salmoniformes

English name: Alpine char

Morphology: tapered shape slightly compressed laterally; morphologically very similar to trout; a wider caudal fin than trout. Varied in colour, sometimes silvery grey on the back and white on the belly; more commonly the back is olive and brown and the sides are lighter with round spots.

Our products: we sell sizes that are most in demand on the market, which are mainly divided into three different categories: from 500g to 1000g; from 1kg to 2kg; over 2kg. Remember that this fish grows very slowly and takes from 3 to 5 years depending on its size. The quality of the flesh of this product is the result of its breeding, which is as natural as possible, in the cold waters of Trentino.

Brook Trout

Latin name: Salvelinus fontinalis

Family: Salmonidae

Order: Salmoniformes

English name: Brook trout

Morphology: it differs from the Alpine Char, especially in colour. Its back and the upper part of its sides have yellowish-white and olive green vermiculations. The lower part of the sides has small yellowish spots and some red spots with a blue halo. The belly is orange grey, and bright red at the time of reproduction.

Our products: we sell sizes that are most in demand on the market, ranging from 500g to 1kg.


Latin name: Coregonus lavaretus

Family: Salmonidae

Order: Salmoniformes

English name: Whitefish

Morphology: a slender scale-covered body, a small head with a short snout and a mouth facing upwards. Well-developed silver coloured fins.

Our products: Whitefish is bred in cold water kept at a constant temperature at our fish farms in Trentino. We sell sizes up to 50-60 centimetres after a breeding process that can last up to 4 years.


Latin name: Thymallus thymallus

Family: Thmallidae

Order: Salmoniformes

English name: Grayling

Morphology: A tapered body, a small terminal mouth with very small teeth. Well-developed dorsal fin.

Our products: At our farms in Trentino, we can breed this type of fish that needs very clear and well-oxygenated water kept at a constant temperature. It is from 30 to 50 centimetres in size, with a period of growth of up to 4 years. Thanks to its quality, this product has a natural outlet in the catering and food industries.

Part of its production is dedicated to spawning in public waters.